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My Pants Are Haunted! (dear Dumb Diary, No. 2)

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My Pants Are Haunted


Author: Jim Benton


Jamie Kelly writes in her diary about her new jeans, which seemingly cause events that affect both her popularity and her efforts to get close to the eighth cutest boy in school, Hudson Rivers.
Written by Jim Benton and it was published by Scholastic. The children's book became available on the 1st of October, 2004. The book is all about Diaries and it is deemed really good fiction. The book has 144 pages and it includes artwork. Apple series. It's 0.35" Height x 7.67" Length x 5.25" Width and has a weight of 0.22 lbs. Grab a copy of this book, check out the add to cart button below.

Read the hilarious, candid (and occasionally not-so-nice) , diaries of Jamie Kelly, who promises that every thing in her diary is true -- or a minimum of as true as it demands to turn out to be. Then they became a tight, scratchy, slightly smelly, and utterly ordinary pair of thrift-shop jeans with an embarrassing haunting difficulty. They had been just a soft, ordinary pair of thrift-shop jeans until Jamie Kelly tried them on. Are the haunted pants so dazzling they can hurt and maybe permanently harm the eyes of onlookers? Do the pants have the energy to soothe a vengeful beagle, vanquish The Prettiest Girl in the World, or make the wearer irresistible for the eighth cutest guy inside the grade? Or are the haunted pants just, well, haunted (which is form of gross when you believe about it )?


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